January 13, 2014 club meeting

Absecon Saltwater Sportsmen

Meeting of January 13, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Lou Schott. President Jim Van Daley was absent. The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence for our troops.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of December 9, 2013 were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

General Account: N/A Charity Account: N/A

Committee Reports:

Trustee Report: Trustees meeting will be scheduled sometime in January.
G.A.C.F. Report: Jeff Krawlzyk was elected as new board member chair, replacing Gus E. The G.A.C.F. will have a booth at the Atlantic City Boat Show.
Tournaments: All 2013 tournaments completed; plaques are ordered and will be given to winners at the Installation Dinner.
City Counsil: Nothing to report.
Sunshine: Jack Petro was hospitalized but now home; Lou Schott will send a card. Richard Burke and past-member Carmen Capone passed away; will send cards from the club if addresses are available.
Atlantic County Federation: The Federation dinner is scheduled for February 17. 10 tickets are available. A discussion whether the club could fund half of the ticket price for members, however, it was decided that members would pay for their own tickets at full-price.
NJ Marine Fisheries: No report.
ASWS Web Site/Facebook: No new Facebook “likes”; the website hosting bill was paid.

Club Picnic: No report.

Field of Dreams: Nothing to report.

Hooked on Fishing: Nothing to report.

Communication: Bank statements and a bill for weights and measures for scale.

New Applications: No new applications.

Unfinished Business: Annual membership fees are now due. Raffle tickets given out. Jim needs club flyers for the Federation Dinner, Joe will get them. Club banner is done and to be picked up. Lou went over the menu for the Installation Dinner scheduled for January 31. The cost increase to $35 per person was accepted. Bob will send a flyer via email to members (a hardcopy flyer will be sent to those without email). Lou needs a headcount ASAP.

New Business: Red Wing Youth Shoot is March 15. A vote was held and it was decided to donate $100 to the Federation for Youth Shoot T-Shirt. The Kids’ Bluefish Tournament will be May 19. The Open Tournament will be July 19. A full 2014 calendar will be printed in the spring.

Elections: No Report.

Good of the Order: No report.

Meeting Adjourned, Joe Ricciardi for Bob Cusack ,Recording secretary

Next meeting: Monday, February 10, 2014 at 7:30PM.

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