January 9, 2017 Minutes

January 9, 2017

Jim Van Daley, President, brought the meeting to order with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence for our troops. The minutes of the December 12 meeting were read and approved. The treasurers’ report was read and approved.


TRUSTEES: No report.

GACF: Meeting scheduled for January 18.

SUNSHINE: No one reported sick.

FEDERATION: Dinner tickets are available for the annual Venison Dinner on Monday, February 20, 2017, cost $30.00 in advance, or $35.00 at the door. The Garden State Outdoor Sports Show is January 12-15 at the Raritan Center in Edison, NJ. The Veterans’ Pheasant Hunt was a great success with 40 participants. Larry Herrighty will be the new Division director and Dave Golden will be the policy advisor.

NJ Marine Fisheries: Held a meeting on Thursday, January 5th. Not looking good for Flounder. They’re asking for a limit of two fish at 19 inches.


COMMUNICATIONS: Bills, bank statements and a calendar from Field of Dreams.

MEMBER APPLICATIONS: No new applicants.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: The “Pay Day for Tax Day” raffle tickets are available. See Rich
Oeser for tickets.

NEW BUSINESS: Paul Stonerod will be leaving the club. We need to send him a letter of appreciation. The annual installment dinner is on Friday, February 3 at the Crab Trap. The menu will remain the same as last year as will the cost ($35.00). Door prizes should be fewer and better. Jim gave weigh-in slips to Charlie.
We need flyers printed, 100 of each to start and possibly yard signs. Jim attended a meeting for Hooked On Fishing Not Drugs. We can use the name without sending anyone to the classes, but we won’t get state funding, which we don’t need. A Trustees meeting will be scheduled.

Next meeting: Monday, February 13th at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
David Holmes recorded for Bob Cusack, Secretary

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