March 11, 2019 Minutes



March 11, 2019

The meeting was brought to order by Jim Van Daley, President, with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence for our troops. The minutes of the February 11 meeting were read and approved. The treasurers’ report was read and approved.   


TRUSTEES:                                      The Trustees meeting was held at Jim Van Daley’s house on March 4th. The budget was set for 2019.

GACF:                                                Considering a fishing derby of some sort.

TOURNAMENTS:                            Open tournament flyers (with the new $1000 bonus drawing) and the Ann & Nuncio Bruno Kids Bluefish Tournament Flyers have been printed, are available and will be posted on the website for the purpose of pumping up interest. The push is on to get at least 65 boats entered in this year’s open tournament.

SUNSHINE:                                       Cearey Shreaves (Scott’s father) passed away. Lou Schott will be asked to send a card.

FEDERATION:                                 Annual dinner attendance was down, but the 50/50 drawing was still up and the food was the best yet.

NJ MARINE FISHERIES:                There was a joint meeting of the ASMFC and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council Summer Flounder Boards in Virginia Beach. Commercial fishermen were granted a 40% increase in their quota, anglers were not granted any increase.

HOOKED ON FISHING:                  Volunteers are need for the Kid’s Bluefish Tournament and for Patriot Lake.

WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:                  Nothing new to report.

COMMUNICATIONS:                     Received bank statement.

MEMBER APPLICATIONS:           No new applications.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:               Tickets for the Pay Day for Labor Day Raffle have been printed and are available for distribution. New club memberships will be offered at the Absecon Sportsman Show for $25.00 for the year.

NEW BUSINESS:                              No new business.

GOOD OF THE ORDER:                 New Facebook group members will be encouraged to join the club.

Next meeting:  Monday, April 8 at 8:00 PM.

Minutes recorded and respectfully submitted by David Holmes for Bob Cusack, Secretary.

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