September 9, 2019 Minutes



September 9, 2019

The meeting was brought to order by President Jim Van Daley with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence.  Minutes from the August 26, 2019 meeting were read and approved.    The treasurer’s report was read and approved.   


TRUSTEES:                                      No report.

GACF:                                                Nothing new, meeting scheduled September 18.

TOURNAMENTS:                            No new weigh-in slips for perch or striper.

SUNSHINE:                                       Dr. John Glassy is fighting cancer.  Need to send him a card from the club.  Frank Elbertson is doing OK but still fighting cancer.

FEDERATION:                                 There will be a meeting on September 13.   

NJ MARINE FISHERIES:                Lou went to the last meeting and there were 3 options for 2020 striper: 1 – no change; 2 -18% commercial, -20% residential; 3 -1.8 % commercial, -18 % residential.  Meeting to discuss will be held September 14. 

HOOKED ON FISHING:                  No report.

WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:                  No report.

COMMUNICATIONS:                     Bank statements. Renew charity registration. Tickets to Jersey Shore boat show. 

MEMBER APPLICATIONS:           No new applicants.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:               The Day on the Bay was a success. Lots of fish were caught and the kids had a great time.  BBQ was good and medals were presented to all the kids. Dave will contact Jen Price to get pictures. All T-Shirt and Raffle money is in.

NEW BUSINESS:                              None.

PICNIC:                                              Lou gave a report. Around 65 people attended.  The food was great and the music was good.  It was suggested that 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place ribbons be put in front of the winning desserts. Ran out of soda, water, & eggs to bread the fish.

GOOD OF THE ORDER:                 None.

Next meeting:  Monday, September 23 at 8:00 PM.   Note meetings will be down to once a month at 7:30 PM starting October 14.

Minutes recorded and respectfully submitted by Bob Cusack, Secretary.

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