November 11, 2019 Meeting



November 11, 2019

The meeting was brought to order by President Jim Van Daley with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence.  Minutes from the October 14, 2019 meeting were read and approved.    The treasurer’s report was read and approved.   


TRUSTEES:                                     No trustee meeting.

GACF:                                               Ed Goldman reported that the Chinese auction did very well profiting about

$11,000 and the place was packed.  The GACF is still working on some kind of fish derby for 2020.

TOURNAMENTS:                          There is only one perch entry at this point.

SUNSHINE:                                     No one reported sick.

FEDERATION:                               Dave Burke reported that the computerized system to obtain a license is

now available through the division of fish and wildlife.  We, the Absecon Saltwater Sportsmen agreed to

give $100 to the federation to use for the youth shoot at Red Wing on March 14, 2020.  Also, Butch

Conover needs venison for the annual venison dinner held in February.

NJ MARINE FISHERIES:            Joe Ricciardi attended the meeting at the Galloway library. It is not

written in stone yet but it appears that the new striper regs may only allow one striper between 28 and

35 inches.  And also, in 2021, circle hooks will be mandatory when fishing for stripers with live bait.

HOOKED ON FISHING:              No report.

WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:              The new bylaws are on the website.  And Rob Goldberg, a boat

mechanic working out of Dave Showell’s place has posted on our Facebook page.

COMMUNICATIONS:                  Bank statement and a thank you from HOFNOD for our participation at

Patriot Lake earlier in the year. 

MEMBER APPLICATIONS:       No new applicants.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:           Lou Schott reported that our installation /awards dinner would again

be held at the Crab Trap on January 31, 2020.

NEW BUSINESS:                           Nothing to report.

GOOD OF THE ORDER:             Joe Ricciardi asked everyone to bring some kind of food to the December

meeting to enjoy after the meeting.

Next meeting:  Monday, December 9 starting at 7:30 PM.   Minutes recorded by Lou Schott and respectfully submitted to Bob Cusack, Secretary.    

Minutes are available via email and/or USPS. Please notify the club to change your delivery preference, Minutes may also be viewed on the club web site:

Absecon Saltwater Sportsmen P.O. Box 453 Absecon, NJ 08201