December 9, 2019 Meeting



December 9, 2019

The meeting was brought to order by President Jim Van Daley with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence.  Minutes from the November 11, 2019 meeting were read and approved.    The treasurer’s report was read and approved.   


TRUSTEES:                                     No trustee meeting.

GACF:                                               Ed Goldman reported that $11,222 was earned at the Chinese auction.  John Schwartz resigned as auction chairman since he is moving to Florida.  The new chairman will be Ron Peterson. It was mentioned that Carol Fries, a longtime volunteer with the GACF, will be moving to Virginia.  President Van Daley said that she will be missed.   

TOURNAMENTS:                          No report.

SUNSHINE:                                     No one reported sick.

FEDERATION:                               Butch Conover stated that he has enough venison for the annual dinner.      

NJ MARINE FISHERIES:            No report.

HOOKED ON FISHING:              No report.

WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:              No report.

COMMUNICATIONS:                  Bank statement received.

MEMBER APPLICATIONS:       No new applicants.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:           Lou Schott opened up discussion for the menu choices at the awards/ installation dinner.  The flyer and the choices will be posted soon.

NEW BUSINESS:                           President Van Daley handed over the keys to the Legion to Lou Schott since this was the last meeting Jim will be president.  It was stated that all bills are paid up to date.  New forms have to be signed for new signatures on the checking account.  In closing, President Jim Van Daley wished the best for the club in the new year and beyond.

GOOD OF THE ORDER:             No report.

Next meeting:  Monday, January 13 starting at 7:30 PM.   Minutes recorded by Lou Schott and respectfully submitted to Bob Cusack, Secretary.    

Minutes are available via email and/or USPS. Please notify the club to change your delivery preference, Minutes may also be viewed on the club web site:

Absecon Saltwater Sportsmen P.O. Box 453 Absecon, NJ 08201