February 10, 2020 Meeting



February 10, 2020

Dave Burke opened the meeting with a salute and moment of silence. Since all minutes were emailed they were not read but there were some errors in the minutes that got corrected. The treasurer’s report was read and approved.   


TRUSTEES:                                        At the meeting held prior to the regular meeting, Joe Ricciardi gave a report of the latest

events. Joe had made a calendar of tournaments and other events.  However, we had to change the Kids’ Bluefish Tournament

from May 23 to May 16.  Our club will have it’s first bluefish tournament on the 23rd, which happens to be Memorial Day

weekend. Also, discussion about the open tournament in which the entry fee will be $75 per boat.  The cost will include a

barbeque at JW restaurant on Faunce Landing Road.

GACF:                                                 No report.

TOURNAMENTS:                              The open tournament has been moved to June 27.  Our tournaments will no longer

include weakfish entries.

SUNSHINE:                                        No one reported sick.

FEDERATION:                                  The Atlantic County Federation Annual Venison Dinner held on February 17, tickets

$40 at the door.  The Federation will hold its annual youth shoot at Red wing Sporting Clays; no date was mentioned.  Regarding

the annual dinner, John Zarych will pay for the shotgun, which will be auctioned off at the dinner.  He is also paying for the cost

of printing the tickets for the dinner.  At the dinner they will also have a better sound system for the evening.

NJ MARINE FISHERIES:                  No report.

HOOKED ON FISHING:                    Joe Ricciardi and Lou Schott attended the first HOFNOD meeting of the year at

Forsythe refuge. Our club has always been involved in this.  Some of our members will be needed to run a table and display regarding AFE handling and conservation of fish. We also need to help kids record their fish and help bait fishing poles, etc.

WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:                     Dave Holmes stated that the website has not been updated since 2018.

COMMUNICATIONS:                        Post Office box bill, request for donation from RFA.

MEMBER APPLICATIONS:              A previous member, Dave Roesch, rejoined the club. We also welcome new members Bob Fenton and Scott Van Daley.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:                 Lou Schott gave a report on the awards/installation dinner.  57 people in attendance. A

plaque and gift certificate were presented to outgoing president Jim Van Daley. Also, a lifetime membership certificate was

presented to him and to past president Jim Sykes.  Awards were as follows: Bluefish: heaviest Dave Burke, 1st place Brian

Will.  Weakfish: heaviest Dave Williams, 1st place Dave Williams, second Jeff Reese, third Brian Will.  Flounder:  heaviest

Ernie Kinsell, first place was a tie with Ernie Kinsell and Charlie Elwell.   Striper:  there were no weigh ins.   Perch:  Jeff

Reese.  Lou mentioned that next year’s dinner will start at 6 pm instead of 7, since the meal was not served until very late.   

NEW BUSINESS:                                Joe Ricciardi mentioned the boat show is coming up the end of this month.  Ed

Goldman mentioned the Absecon Creek fest will take place again this fall, and also that mayor Kim Dalton of Absecon is

working on trying to get dredging done on Absecon Bay. 

GOOD OF THE ORDER:                   No report.

Next meeting:  Monday, March 9, starting at 7:30 PM.   Minutes recorded by Dave Burke and respectfully submitted to Bob Cusack, Secretary.   

Minutes are available via email and/or USPS.  Please notify the club to change your delivery preference at contact@abseconsaltwater.com.  Minutes may also be viewed on the club web site: www.abseconsaltwater.com.

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