Meeting Notes:  11-8-2021

Absecon Saltwater Sportsmen’s Club

Meeting Notes:  11-8-2021

Joe Ricciardi called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.  A flag solute and a moment of silence were observed.  Ten members were present.

Minutes:  The October 11 minutes were approved. 


Communications:  A bank statement was received.  Facebook – Joe reported that there was not much activity.  A striper was posted for the annual derby.  Members were reminded to post their membership card with a picture of derby entries and to “like” postings.  Payment for the website is due in April ($180).  Other options are being explored. 

AC Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs: The venison dinner is tentatively scheduled for President’s Day in February.  Costs have increased for food and catering.  A final decision should be made in December.  The next regular meeting is November 11.  Meeting notes: The deer harvest to date was down 31%.  An increase in the NJ Waterfowl Stamp cost was approved by the Legislature and Governor.  Stamps were increased from $5 to $10 for residents.  All monies go for purchase and improvement of waterfowl habitat (also benefits other wildlife and fish).  More than 19,000 acres of wetlands have been purchased from these monies to date.   

Membership: No new applications. 

Sunshine:  Harry Walker is home.  The club wishes Harry well.    

Tournaments:  The derby continues.  No blues entered to date.  Former president Jim Van Daly inquired about the club’s interest in the kid’s bluefish tournament.  He will initiate something if the club is not interested.  COVID-19 impacted the tournament and CNBY was hesitant to hold the tournament this year.   Jim has some ideas regarding holding the kid’s tournament at a different site in 2022.

GACF:  No report but the Atlantic County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs donated $300 at their October meeting.  The GACF may hold a raffle in the future. 

Old Business:  Dredging of Absecon channel was completed.  According to Joe, the channel has been marked ½ way.  Some markers may not be in the correct locations and extreme caution should be used in navigating the channel.

New Business: The club approved donating $150 to the “tunnels to towers” charity.  There was discussion on expanding membership to include spouses.

Nomination of Officers and Board:  Rich Oeser agreed to take Dave Burke’s position on the Board.  There were no other nominations.  The election will be in December. 

Next Meeting:  December 13 at 7:30 pm.  Club members are requested to bring snacks or other food for the meeting. 

Adjournment:  8:20 pm.  

Notes provided by Dave Burke

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