April 23, 2018 Minutes



April 23, 2018


The meeting was brought to order by Jim Van Daley, President, with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence for our troops.  The minutes of the April 9 meeting were read and approved.  The treasurer’s report was not available.





TRUSTEES:                                                    No report.


GACF:                                                              The GACF has been discussing a joint fishing tournament with the LIBT.  Not all the details are worked out but it will be a boat/shore/kayak tournament with winners in each division and separate entry fees as well.  The tournament will be held on June 30 as a one-day event, meaning the prizes will be awarded the same day.   Contestants will fish for striped bass, bluefish and flounder.  The GACF has coupons for sale at $5.00 which will give 25% off any purchase at Boscov’s on October 16.  The GACF also had raffle tickets at $5.00 each or 5 for $20.  The drawing will be June 3.


TOURNAMENTS:                                         No report.


SUNSHINE:                                                    Bill Will is still being tested to find out what is wrong with him.  Brian Will had a shoulder operation last week.


FEDERATION:                                              We requested $200 for the kids’ bluefish tournament.  They gave us $300 since they had made a good profit from the annual venison dinner.   There were some critiques about the dinner but they will be corrected.


NJ MARINE FISHERIES:                           No report.


HOOKED ON FISHING:                             May 12 at Patriot Lake, we are looking for volunteers.   May 19 kids’ bluefish tournament, we have about 50 t-shirts and will purchase 50 more.


WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:                             No report.


COMMUNICATIONS:                                 No report.



MEMBER APPLICATIONS:                      No new applications.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS:                          No report on the raffle since Mr. Elwell was not present.



GOOD OF THE ORDER:                            May 5 is the “Sneaky Hollow Perch Tournament” at $25.00 per person.  Landisville had their big perch tournament on April 21; $1100 was the prize for the biggest perch. They also had a raffle for a boat, motor, and trailer.  The heaviest 5 fish only weighed a total of 5.05 pounds.   The single largest was 1.65 pounds.  The Yeti cooler company broke their ties with the NRA.  There is also a new fishing club in the area per Joe Ricciardi.  It is called the Atlantic City Saltwater Anglers.



NEW BUSINESS:                                           No new business.



Next meeting:  Monday, May 14 at 8:00 PM. 


Respectfully submitted,

Lou Schott recorded for Bob Cusack, Secretary

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