February 11, 2019 Minutes



February 11, 2019

Vice President Lou Schott brought the meeting to order with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence for our troops.  President Jim Van Daley was attending an alternate meeting.   The previous meeting’s minutes were not available but approved as read online.   The Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  Account balances: Raffle-$5.56; General-$1505.97; Charity-$1,793.30.


TRUSTEES:                                      No report.

GACF:                                                No report.

TOURNAMENTS:                            Joe Ricciardi created a calendar with tournaments, meetings, and events.

SUNSHINE:                                       No report.

FEDERATION:                                  The dinner will be held on February 18at the Greek Orthodox Church, EHT. 

NJ MARINE FISHERIES:                No report.

HOOKED ON FISHING:                  No report.

WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:                  Many non-members have indicated that they would like to be able to

participate in our Facebook site.  We felt it would be a good idea.            

COMMUNICATIONS:                     Received bank statement and license from the state to allow the raffle.

MEMBER APPLICATIONS:           No new applications.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:               Lou Schott reported on the installation dinner.  It was again held at the

Crab Trap with 44 in attendance, and everyone was very pleased.  It had been snowing all day, so some people

missed it.  The cost of the dinner, appetizers, gratuity, door prizes, and trophies was almost break even.  Brian

Will was named “Fisherman of the Year,” and John Reese was named “Outstanding Member for the Year.” 

NEW BUSINESS:                               Raffle tickets have been printed and are available.  The city of Absecon is

hosting an outdoor sportsman show at Pitney Field on Saturday, May 4th.  We will be setting up a booth from

9AM-4PM and need volunteers – contact Joe Ricciardi.  There will be food vendors, boat dealers, Bass Pro and

others.  The Atlantic County Federation of Sportsmen will be donating $100 to the show.

GOOD OF THE ORDER:                 Dave Showell started a new Facebook page entitled “fish a/c.”  Anyone

can access it to share their personal fishing experiences.  There is another group of anglers similar to ours called

“a.c. saltwater anglers.”   President Van Daley arrived late and stated that he would like to see if Ace Hardware

would put us on their Facebook site, particularly if we add their name to our Open Tournament flyer.   

Next meeting:  Monday, March 11 at 7:30 P.M.

Minutes recorded and respectively submitted by Lou Schott for Bob Cusack, Secretary.

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