February 9, 2015 Minutes

February 9, 2015

The meeting opened with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence for our troops, with Vice-President Lou Schott presiding. The minutes from January 12 were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was read and approved.
Ending balances: N/A


TRUSTEES: Dates were discussed for a meeting. It was decided to meet on Feb. 19th at Jim’s Van Daley’s house. Jim will contact the trustees.

GACF: The GACF had a booth at the AC Boat Show. Raffle tickets were sold and information about the GABT was distributed.

SUNSHINE: It was reported that Olie Carlson was home and doing well.
WEBSITE/FACEBOOK: Charlie Elwell will put the tournament results on Facebook.
COMMUNICATIONS: Bank statements were received; also free tickets to a boat show to be held in Edison, NJ were received.
APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP: Jeff Krawczyk was proposed and accepted for membership.


Awards announced and presented at the annual Installation Dinner:
2014 Fisherman of the Year – Dave Burke 2014 Summer Flounder Division – John Reese
2014 Weakfish Division – Dave Burke 2014 Bluefish Division – Dave Burke
2014 Largest Summer Flounder – Lou Schott 6.58 lbs. 2014 Largest Weakfish – Bob Hagel 5.73lbs
2014 Largest Bluefish – Dave Burke 5.84lbs 2014 Largest Striped Bass – Charlie Elwell 38.5 lbs
2014 Largest Perch – John Reese 1.5 lbs. 2014 Outstanding Member of the Year – Paul Stonerod

Lou Schott discussed the installation dinner; everything went well with no complaints.

Charlie Elwell reported that he had mailed out the dues notices for 2015.

Lou Schott distributed the remaining tickets for the Venison dinner. Volunteers are needed on Saturday morning at the Pomona Gun club to prepare the venison. He also reminded the members that Ed Goldman has the tickets for the club raffle for those needing tickets.


Joe Riccardi requested $20.00 to purchase a weather-proof “Absecon Saltwater Sportsmen” name sign for our informational sign at the boat ramp. A motion was made and passed. He also reported that he is looking into getting a speaker for the April meeting in Brigantine. A suggestion was made to contact Scott Newhall, a local fisherman who has given seminars and written articles.

Charlie Elwell brought up the fact that our minutes on line contain our banking balances. It was decided initially when setting up the website that our banking balances would not be on the online version of the minutes. Ed Goldman added that the “Good of the Order” also was not to be included in the minutes.

Next meeting: Monday, March 9, 2015 at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Goldman, acting Secretary

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