July 10, 2017 Minutes



July 10, 2017


The meeting was brought to order by Jim Van Daley, President, with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence for our troops. The minutes of June 26 were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was read and approved.




TRUSTEES:                                        No report.


GACF:                                                 Because of poor participation, the GACF held their final GABT  this year.  Upcoming events are the Beef & Beer, Racing in Millville, and the Chinese Auction.


SUNSHINE:                                        No report of anyone sick.


FEDERATION:                                   No report, down for summer.


NJ MARINE FISHERIES:                  There is a meeting planned for July 13th.  There will be a ruling of NJ compliance.


HOOKED ON FISHING:                    No report.


WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:                     Add a link to the Sunshine Foundation Southern Ocean chapter.


COMMUNICATIONS:                        Received 401C renewal form to be filed, one open entry form, and bank statements.


MEMBER APPLICATIONS:              Received application for Gunner Elbertson.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS:                 Someone needs to take a T-Shirt to Glenn Insurance. Need to ensure when the club gets a donation their name gets recorded into the minutes.


NEW BUSINESS:                                Nothing reported.


TOURNAMENTS:                              Reviewed door prize list. Signs are posted around the area, need to put one near the American Legion door prior to the Captains meeting. T-Shirts are ready and all T-shirt sponsors have paid. There has been 1 Perch @ 1.83LB and one Striper @ 36.25LB entered in the year long tournament.


PICNIC:                                              Lou called Bill Will and secured the Cologne fire house grounds for Sunday, September 10. John Smallwood will provide music again.


GOOD OF THE ORDER:                   John Reese caught 122 perch for the week. Dave Burke wrote a nice article about the kids’ Bluefish tournament that was posted in the Federation Newsletter.



Next meeting:  Monday, July 24 at 8:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Bob Cusack, Secretary


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