June 25, 2018 Minutes



June 25, 2017


The meeting was brought to order by Vice President, Lou Schott with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence for our troops. The minutes of the June 11 meeting were read and approved. The treasurers’ report was not available.




TRUSTEES:                                                    No report.


GACF:                                                              Joe Ricciardi submiited that the  annual tournament , which has been                                                                                                         renamed in honor of John Dunn, is            scheduled for June 29. See                                                                                                         http://gacf.org/docs/2018/Entry_Form.pdf for flyer and entry form. Scott’s Dock                                                                                          has been added as a weigh-in station.


TOURNAMENTS:                                        In house tournament results to date are on the website and will be included in                                                                                        the meeting minutes. The next tournament is on July 21st. The signs for the open                                                                  tournament have been placed and the calcutta will be increased to $20.00.


SUNSHINE:                                                    Gary Shreeves (Scott’s father) had a stroke and is out of the hospital now. Guy                                                                                         Wilkins is recovering from a surgery as is his youger brother, Ed.


FEDERATION:                                     No report.


NJ MARINE FISHERIES:                           Meeting will be held in Ocean City and Toms River on June 27th and 28th with regard to tranfering some of the recreational Bluefish quota to commercial fishermen.


HOOKED ON FISHING:                             No report.


WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:                             It was pointed out that the re are still areas of the website that need to be updated.


COMMUNICATIONS:                                 We received a thank you letter from the Fish and Wildlife Service


MEMBER APPLICATIONS:                      No new applications.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS:                          Raffle tickets are still being sold.


NEW BUSINESS:                                           An email will be sent to the membership containing links to sites with informatinabout the Modern fish Act. Plans for the club picnic began with an emphasis on filling in for John Reese’s anticipated absense to accomplish the many tasks that he has been performing for the club that have been such a large part of the picnic’s successs all these years. Joe Fumo has been informed that the Field of Dreams Fishing Trip will be held on August 20th this year.


GOOD OF THE ORDER:                            Joe caught a fish. Lou and Charlie may also have caught some fish.


Next meeting:  Monday, July 9 at 8:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

David Holmes recorded for Bob Cusack, Secretary

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