October 14, 2019 Meeting



October 14, 2019

The meeting was brought to order by President Jim Van Daley with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence.  Minutes from the September 23, 2019 meeting were read and approved.    The treasurer’s report was read and approved.   


TRUSTEES:                                        Lou Schott opened up the discussion regarding the changes in the bylaws.  The

changes were discussed but President Van Daley mentioned that there has to be a change in article x regarding

dissolution.  Since we are a 501c3 any assets must be given to any organization provided it is a 501c3.  With that change,

a motion was made to pass the changes in the bylaws and it passed unanimously except for one nay from President Van

Daley since he was still hoping for a President to run the club.  At that point, nominations were opened from the floor.

Charlie Elwell nominated Joe Ricciardi, Dave Burke nominated Lou Schott, John Reese nominated Dave Burke. Charlie

Elwell was nominated for Treasurer, Bob Cusack was nominated for Secretary, John Reese was nominated for Sargent at

Arms.  Recording Secretary—no nominations. 

GACF:                                                 The meeting will be held on September 23.

TOURNAMENTS:                              There is only one perch entry at this point.

SUNSHINE:                                        No one reported sick.

FEDERATION:                                  Dave Burke reported that, so far, the bow season for deer has been very good

with over 8,000 deer killed to date.  The state fish and wildlife is installing new a new computer system so the system will

be unavailable to use until Thursday September 17.  The federation also discussed the NJOA fund raiser clay bird shoot at

Red Wing on October 7.  They made a profit of over $10,000.  The NJ. bear season is starting and Governor Murphy has

still excluded all state lands from bear hunting.  Also, the division of fish and wildlife is now hiring additional (5)

conservation officers along with other staff people. 

NJ MARINE FISHERIES:                  No report. 

HOOKED ON FISHING:                    No report.

WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:                     No report.

COMMUNICATIONS:                        No report. 

MEMBER APPLICATIONS:              No new applicants.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:                 None.

NEW BUSINESS:                                Lou Schott brought up an email he received from bob cusack regarding sending

out thank yours and photos of the Day on the Bay event.  It was decided to hold them until applications for the 2020 open

tournament are sent out and then include them.  The Atlantic County Federation requested a $100 donation from us for the

youth shoot to be held at Red Wing on March 14.  It was decided to hold off on that request until the new board convenes

in January and sets a budget.

GOOD OF THE ORDER:                   Nothing reported.

Next meeting:  Monday, November 11 starting at 7:30 PM.   Minutes recorded by Lou Schott and respectfully submitted to Bob Cusack, Secretary.    

Minutes are available via email and/or USPS. Please notify the club to change your delivery preference, contact@abseconsaltwater.com. Minutes may also be viewed on the club web site: www.abseconsaltwater.com.

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