September 24, 2018 Minutes



September 24, 2018


President Jim Van Daley brought the meeting to order with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence for our troops. The minutes of September 10 were read and approved.   The treasurer’s report was also approved.





TRUSTEES:                                                    No report.


GACF:                                                              No report.


TOURNAMENTS:                                        There was a discussion that there may be other people in the boat fishing, but only club members’ fish are eligible for entry into the in-house Striper or Perch contests.


SUNSHINE:                                                    Lou Schott reported that Pete Rapetti has improved since his carotid artery surgery.  He is getting out and about.


FEDERATION:                                              Dave Burke gave a report that the Atlantic County Federation, after an audit, and after profits made from the annual venison dinner that the federation will be increasing its donations to local various causes.  He also stated that the state federation is suing the state of New Jersey regarding Governor Murphy’s executive order to close all state lands to bear hunting.


NJ MARINE FISHERIES:                           No report.


HOOKED ON FISHING:                             No report.


WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:                             Joe Ricciardi discussed our Facebook page and that he and Dave Holmes are attempting to open it up so that more of the public can view it.


COMMUNICATIONS:                                 No report.


MEMBER APPLICATIONS:                      No new applications.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS:                          No report.


NEW BUSINESS:                                           John Glassey stated that our flag that flies in the Field of Dreams is worn out due to the weather and that they will pay to have it replaced.  President Van Daley also wanted to show the Field of Dreams on our open tournament banners in larger print.


PICNIC:                                                           Lou Schott reported that he was able to return some unopened food to Sam’s Club and received a credit for $101.  He will give the club a check at the next meeting.  This will help our breakeven point.  Also, Bobby Wilson took back one bag of 400 clams and will give us credit next year.


GOOD OF THE ORDER:                            Some fish stories: Lou Schott went fishing with a friend last week and they kept about a dozen perch.  John Reese went perch fishing and they kept about 145!  Saturday the 22nd was the last day of fluke season.  Lou Schott fished AC Inlet.  They had 9 flounders but all shorts.  Chas Elwell went out into the rough ocean the same day and caught no fish.



Next meeting:  Monday, October 8, at 7:30 PM.   (Note change of meeting time for fall/winter meetings.)


Minutes recorded and respectively submitted by Lou Scott for

Bob Cusack, Secretary


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