September 25, 2017 Minutes



September 25, 2017


The meeting was brought to order by Jim Van Daley, President, with a salute to the flag and a moment of silence for our troops. The minutes from the September 11 meeting were read and approved with one correction.  The treasurer’s report was not available.   Closing balances: Raffle Account: N/A General Account: N/A Charity Account: N/A.





TRUSTEES:                             No report.


GACF:                                          They held their beef and beer at the Pitney Pub.  Approximately 75 attended and 95 tickets

                                                       were purchased.



SUNSHINE:                             No report of anyone sick.


FEDERATION:                          There was discussion regarding the FAA Tech center deer hunt.  There was also

                                                      discussion that the Forsythe refuge would be open for small game hunting.  No further

info on that at this time.


NJ MARINE FISHERIES:        No report.


HOOKED ON FISHING:          No report.


WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:          No report.


COMMUNICATIONS:              No communications.


MEMBER APPLICATIONS:   No new applications.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS:       No unfinished business.



NEW BUSINESS:                      No new business.


TOURNAMENTS:                     Perch and Striped Bass tournament ongoing to 12/31.




GOOD OF THE ORDER:        Joe Ricciardi attended a seminar at the Forsythe Refuge.  The topic was about the Mullica

River, which was most interesting.  There will be others.  Lou Schott mentioned that Chestnut

Neck boat yard had a customer appreciation day this past Sunday.  Lou and a number of other

members attended and had a good time, with pulled pork, hot dogs, salads, drinks, and two live

bands.  It was well attended.



Next meeting:  Monday, October 9 at 7:30 PM.   (Note time change and meetings reduced to 1 per month for fall/winter)



Respectfully submitted,

Lou Schott recorded for Bob Cusack, Secretary



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